Our Service

Tri Petch IT Solutions Co., Ltd. provides a wide-range of IT integrated service to customers in automotive industry to drive their business forward. We support customers entirely from in-house development of business software applications, data center management, to network infrastructures with our professional teams. Customers gain maximum benefits from their IT investment while enjoy our extensive IT and business experiences.

Consulting Service

We always work with customers as one team to plan and design their IT strategy, and specify the right solution to customer’s business circumstances.

Planning and Design Service

Our analyst teams are dedicated to understand customer’s specific requirements and utilize the appropriate technology and processes for optimal performance.

Implementing Service

Our implementing service helps customers integrate all IT together and get it work correctly.

Monitoring and Maintenance Service

Customers can enjoy our comprehensive support for all system and network monitoring and maintenance tasks to reduce downtime and increase performance and security.

Infrastructure Services

We also provide secure, stable and reliable infrastructure hosting services for Tri Petch Group Company consist of VM Server for Windows and Linux, AIX Server, Enterprise Storage, Network Switch, Router, Firewall, Proxy, MPLS Link, Internet Link, Local Cloud services, Global Cloud services and also support infrastructure design and consultation services.

Operation Service

Our staff is eager to provide full operational supports including operating system upgrades, change control, backup and recovery, performance tuning and system programming.

Service Desk

We are a primary point of contact for IT support and Service Desk between users and an IT technicians. Our missions are to deliver the quality of service and to achieve highest user’s satisfaction.

Hardware and Software Sales

Continuously developing partnerships with top global technology vendors can assure our customers to access the advanced and suitable technology for their business growth.

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